Single or Multi-user Mode
Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, offers free support for installation, upgrade assistance, and product defects. Registered owners of currently supported versions of QuickBooks can receive free installation and upgrade assistance and support for documented product defects.

Registered users of currently supported U.S. versions of QuickBooks are eligible to receive free telephone support in the following areas:

– Installation Assistance – when you need help installing the latest version of QuickBooks or the last previous version for the first time on the first computer. Intuit will charge you for installation assistance for earlier supported versions.
– Upgrade Assistance – when you are moving your QuickBooks data file for the first time to the latest version of QuickBooks from an earlier version of QuickBooks or from Quicken.
– Documented Product Defects (software bugs) for all currently supported versions of QuickBooks.

Intuit will require you to provide billing information when requesting the free support described above, but you will not be charged for help in these areas. The technical support representative will determine whether your issue is covered by this free support policy. To receive free support for installation, upgrade assistance, and product defects, call 888-320-7276.